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Stichting Sunset Heights

9 december 2013


De Stichting Sunset Heights verzoekt onderstaande kaveleigenaren om terstond contact op te nemen met de stichting via haar emailadres Stichtingsunsetheights@hotmail.com voor de afhandeling van enige contractuele verplichtingen.

Stichting Sunset Heights ta pidi e donjonan di parsela aki bou menshona pa mas pronto posibel tuma kontanto ku Stichting bow di emailadres Stichtingsunsetheights@hotmail.com pa regla sierto rekisitonan contractual.

De kavels zijn:

E kavelnan ta:









AB018 AC003 AD001 AE007 AF012 AG012 AH012 AX137
AB033 AC013 AD002 AE008 AG013 AH018 AX140
AB044 AC043 AD004 AE009 AG041 AH031 AX142
AB049 AC056 AD009 AE024 AH033
AB050 AC063 AD010 AE036 AH034
AB052 AC069 AD015 AE057 AH041
AB055 AC097 AD018 AE060
AC003 AC100 AD037 AE070
AC013 AC106 AD039 AE085
AD042 AE088

Namens het Bestuur:

De voorzitter Stichting Sun Set Heights


Het Bestuur is op zoek naar een enthousiaste buurtbewoner die deze website kan bijhouden.
De website is gemaakt in WordPress.

U kunt contact opnemen met een van de bestuursleden

Loslopende honden / Kacho pafo kura

A lot of people want to walk around at Sunset Heights, but they find it to dangerous with dogs walking around free. Be aware that a dog owner has the responsibilty to keep his dog inside his garden.

kacho padin kura

Unkown received amounts

Dear owners,

The foundation received payments with the following subscriptions, at this moment we don’t know from which lot you are the owner. Please send us an email at stichtingsunsetheights@hotmail.com and fill your information in here. After this we can adjust the administration and address your payments into your account.

Beside this we receive amounts with the subscriptions: current account deposit beveiliging… of  security sunset heights … of beveiliging sunset heights… PLEASE we need to know your name / lot allways in order to keep the administration up to date.

Monthly invoices frequently asked questions

* The monhtly received amounts are really needed for our own security.

* Everybody gets a monthly invoice by email (exceptions are not possible)

* If you have paid in advance; you still receive the monthly invoice

* Every month statements with outstanding balances are sent by mail

* If you did not receive your monthly invoice: Please e-mail us.

* The invoices are sent in PDF, if you don’t have an acrobat reader, you can download it here.

* Complaints about security are NOT a good reason not to pay your monthly fee. This monthly fee is needed to IMPROVE security!